Course Curriculum

    1. Bend Radius & Flexibility

    2. Engineering Bulletin #139: Hose Flexibility: Complex Calculation

    3. Engineering Bulletin #140: Hose Flexibility Doesn’t Mean Longer Life

    4. Bend Radius & Flexibility Quiz

    1. Classifications of Motion

    2. Engineering Bulletin #165: Accommodating Out of Plane Movement

    3. Engineering Bulletin #166: Using Traveling Loops to Accommodate Axial Movement in Piping System

    4. Classifications of Motion Quiz

    1. Temperature Ranges and Adjustment Factors

    2. Engineering Bulletin #106: Service Temperatures of Austenitic Steels

    3. Engineering Bulletin #113: Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Steels at Cryogenic Temperatures

    4. Engineering Bulletin #137: H Grade May Be Specified, But You Might Not Need It

    5. Temperature Ranges and Adjustment Factors Quiz

    1. Flow Velocity and Vibration

    2. Engineering Bulletin #136: Considerations on Managing High Flow Velocity

    3. Flow Velocity Quiz

    1. Vacuum Applications

    2. Engineering Bulletin #110 Corrugated Metal Hose in Externally Pressurized System Under Vacuum

    3. Engineering Bulletin #130 Considerations for Duplex or Steam Jacketed Hoses

    4. Vacuum Applications Quiz

    1. Leak Testing

    2. Leak Detection Methods For Hose Assemblies

    3. Engineering Bulletin #133 Leak Testing for Cryogenic Hoses

    4. Leak Testing Quiz

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